Below are articles written by members of the Sunbelt Region that have been recently published in the WGI International Journal and Newsletter.


International Journal of CT/RT:

Fall 2013 Issue:

Sleeplessness in CT/RT by Ernie Perkins


"Sleep where art thou? Surely, you avoid me for a reason unknown to me. If sleep you will not share my bed, then send death to be my mistress. THIS STAYING AWAKE CRAP HAS GOT TO STOP."   read more



by Thomas K. Burdenski, Jr., Ph.D., CTRTC, Faculty Member of the William Glasser Institute and Glasser Scholar, Jill Duba Sauerheber, Ph.D., CTRTC, Faculty Member of the William Glasser Institute and Glasser Scholar, Cynthia Palmer Mason, Ph.D., CTRTC, Faculty Member of the William Glasser Institute and Glasser Scholar, Aaron W. Hughes, Ph.D, Jennifer Zatopek, B.S. 


A national 45-item survey of new untenured assistant professors of counselor education in CACREP programs was conducted to determine how closely their teaching practices follow Glasser’s Lead Management principles.  read more



Fall 2012 Issue:

"Lead Managing Towards Growth" by Ernie Perkins


Organizations are created because of situations. A particular situation creates an organization, but then the situation changes, and there is no longer a reason for the organization. Yet, the organization remains and though the purpose for which it was first created has disappeared, the organization has not. When this happens, the organization must find an existing situation in which it can relate, or create a new one to give it needed direction.   read more


WGI Newsletter:

August 2013:

Demonstration of Glasser’s Marital Counseling using the Case of Bea & Jim


 Beverly LaFond enhanced Dr. Glasser's book Counseling with Choice Theory: The New Reality Therapy by visually demonstrating "The Case of Bea and Jim" (chapter 4). Reading offers words, instructions, ideas, concepts and directions to learners. Cinematic presentations add flesh and blood visuals demonstrating emotions, ponderings, body language, connections, conflicts and rejections.   read more....



The Youth Council


By Jaime Chambers, Council Chair


The Youth Council is up and running and had our first meeting during the 2013 US Conference in Buffalo. The Youth Council’s first task was to generate ideas of how to get more youth interested and certified. We wanted to get the Youth Council online through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, blog and web cam. The era we are in is online based and it is time to move with the times. After an hour of discussing, there were many key points we thought could help accomplish our goal.    read more.....



The Perfect Storm: Reconnecting, Rebuilding, Resiliency Beyond the Storms in Our Lives Using Choice Theory Psychology


Presenter: Michelle Ford


Through the use of media to stimulate our senses Michelle created a powerful experience of remembrance and contemplation. The montage that she created using images from some of our nation's most devastating natural disasters and September11th demonstrated how quickly our scales can be knocked out of balance by a massive loss in our Quality World.      read more.....




July 2012:

"Using Glasser's Choice Theory to Foster Creativity" by Grace Babarinsa

Glasser’s Choice theory was reviewed and its implication on students, the teacher and the classroom was discussed. The goal was to use Glasser’s Choice Theory® to examine teachers' and learners' attitudes and classroom practice that are perceived to be of crucial influence in the enhancement of a beneficial learning environment in the classroom, one that fosters creativity. It concludes by suggesting that students will develop skills in creativity when they are given freedom of choice in their learning.           read more 


"Scholar's Corner" by Thomas Burdenski


In 2007, I was selected from an international group of applicants to be named as a "Glasser Scholar." The Glasser Scholars program offered me certification in choice theory/reality therapy in exchange for agreeing to teach graduate students about choice theory/reality therapy and to conduct research studies on the effectiveness of choice theory/reality therapy in educational and clinical settings. To date, I have published one book chapter and nine articles in academic journals about CT/RT.        read more